Community Outreach Department

The Community Outreach Department at Housing First, is the initial contact point for many experiencing homelessness in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.  A team of Outreach Specialists go out into the community on a daily basis to locate those who are experiencing homelessness, and help guide them through the housing process. During this process, an Outreach Specialist will determine program eligibility, link the individual to vital community resources, provide information on emergency shelters in the area, and work with local agencies to provide the greatest level of assistance possible for the individual or family.

In addition to working directly with those who are experiencing homelessness, the Community Outreach Department actively collaborates with local service providers, community organizations, churches, municipalities, and businesses to develop resources and greater awareness of the homeless community. This includes attending community events, speaking to organizations, and participating in local conferences and seminars.

The Community Outreach Department is also responsible for heading the annual Point-in-Time count. This HUD driven initiative utilizes community volunteers to obtain a count of those experiencing homelessness during a single “Point-in-Time”. This count takes place every year during the last week of January, and allows us to get a better picture of what homelessness looks like in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.


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